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Below you can find the latest software versions to download on your computer, smartphone or smart glasses. Or, if you don't want to download any software, you can open it up in your browser!

Make sure that you have a user account before you download the software. If your company already has XMReality, you should turn to your account admin. If not, you can sign up for a 14-day free trial period here and get started within minutes.

Apps for computers:


Windows app

Download XMReality for Windows from Microsoft Store.

Download XMReality for Windows

If you prefer to install the Windows app manually you can download a Windows installer here

Web app

The XMReality web app is the perfect fit if you prefer to run XMReality in your web browser, without installing any software. The web app is available at

Teams app

XMReality is available as a Microsoft Teams app, which you can use to easily create XMReality call links from within Teams. 

Get the Teams app from Microsoft AppSource

Outlook add-in

XMReality is available as a Microsoft Outlook add-in, which you can use to easily schedule XMReality sessions from within Outlook when creating meeting invites. 

Get the Outlook add-in from Microsoft AppSource

Apps for mobile devices:

Download XMReality for your mobile device:

Download in app store googleplay-1 (1) 

If you can’t access Google Play Store from your device, you can manually install XMReality on your Android device using the APK available here

XMReality for smart glasses:

There are generally two ways of installing XMReality for Smart Glasses. Either through an app store, or manually by APK. Please note however that if installed manually, you will not recieve any automatic updates.


We recommend that you install XMReality from Realwear Cloud. Click the badge below to get to their site:

If you need to install it manually, you can do so by downloading the APK here. Instruction for how to install and run XMReality on RealWear can be downloaded here.


We recommend that you install XMReality from Vuzix app store. Click the badge below to get to their site:


If you need to install XMReality manually on your Vuzix device you can get the APK here. Instruction for how to manually install and run XMReality on Vuzix can be downloaded here.


Iristick devices are connected to your Android phone, and you use the standard XMReality application that you download from Google Playstore. In addition to the XMReality application, you will also need the Iristick Services application, which can be found on Play Store or by clicking the below badge:


ecom Visor-Ex

The Visor-Ex is a ruggedized version of Iristick H1 made by ecom. To use XMReality you therefore follow the same steps mentioned in the Iristick section above, with the exception that you use an ecom device instead of an Android phone. 

HoloLens 2

To use XMReality on HoloLens 2, you use the web application found at in the built-in browser. 


The uEye Driver is needed ONLY for old Pointpads and should not be installed unless needed

64-bit uEye Camera driver

Note: When installing the driver, select option 3. USB on the page “Setup Type”.

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