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Achieve impressive benefits

With XMReality, you can diagnose, mitigate, and solve issues remotely by accurately guiding tenants and colleagues through each work step.

Use remote visual assistance to excel at service and support

Reduce call-outs

Technicians can solve problems and tickets without leaving their desks, avoiding unnecessary travel.

Improve customer service

Digitalization drives better and faster service, and support increases tenant satisfaction.

Lower CO2 emissions

Each call you solve remotely is a saved trip and reduction in your CO2 emissions.


No one enjoys waiting for a repair. Delight your tenants with smart digital services that make life easier.

A support agent connects with the tenant via a simple text message using XMReality. The tenant clicks a link and live streams a video feed of the issue. The agent diagnoses the error, and either guides the tenant to solve it themselves or can dispatch a technician with the correct tools to fix the problem during the first visit.

This is what we call smart service. Great for the tenant, great for the environment, and great for you.

Proven results within the industry

50 %

reduction in tenant waiting time

26 %

of incoming tickets solved remotely

£ 135

saved with each XMReality call

Use cases within housing & real estate

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Customer service

When a tenant calls to report a problem, your customer support can connect with them using XMReality. With remote visual assistance, the support agent can use live video to first-hand diagnose the problem.

For simpler issues, the support agent can easily guide the tenant to solve it themselves. If the problem requires a technician, the support agent can collect all the information needed to correctly prioritize the ticket and bring the right equipment the first time.

technician on-site, mobile, facility

Troubleshoot and repair

When something complex stops working in a tenant's apartment or somewhere on the property, one of your technicians must go on-site to fix it. But sometimes, they need help from a senior colleague or an outside expert to correctly diagnose and fix the error.

By using XMReality, they can instantly connect with that expert and share a live video feed instead of waiting hours or days for that person to be able to come on-site. Collaborate through powerful guiding functions to troubleshoot and ultimately repair the issue. 

inspection, facility, housing

Inspections and audits

Remotely inspect your properties to plan maintenance, approve current conditions, or to ensure and document that your facility is compliant with local legislation. 

The person in charge of these inspections can efficiently carry them out without leaving their desk. By connecting with a local facility manager or tenant and using XMReality to do a virtual inspection. XMReality also provides you with all the tools you need to efficiently document the entire inspection.

the future of Service

Safe, simple, and sustainable

carbon footprint, sustainability

Future-proof your business model with remote services. More efficient for your personnel. Increased responsiveness to your tenants through easy-to-use software. And perhaps most important, these days, better for the environment.

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