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4 ways remote video support can increase revenue

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Since the pandemic started, companies have been opening up to digital resolutions. The need for technical remote solutions is rising fast, and many companies are looking for ways to avoid time-consuming travel and possibilities to provide instant support. This opens a door for you to offer a new way to support your customer. And with that, a new way to increase your service revenue. But how exactly does this translate into increased revenue?


How remote video support can increase your revenue?

By using XMReality, companies can offer customer support from the comfort of their office. But how does this translate into increased revenue? We explain this by listing 4 ways remote support translates to increased service revenue for your company. 

1. Lower labor costs and additional value

Studies have shown that support technician spends around 60% of their workday getting from point A to point B. Only 40% is left for them to use their expertise to help customers. This costly problem creates additional waste since the travel time does not add value to the customer or service provider. XMReality Remote Guidance opens up the possibility to take on more service calls, but instead of traveling there, doing so remotely leads to supporting and invoicing more customers during the same amount of time and with the same number of resources available.

This also saves your company valuable time trying to find the right competence because you are increasingly efficient with your current expert’s time.

2. Increase your resource efficiency

By cutting down the travel time, your support people can help more customers in a day than ever before. All you need is a computer or a mobile device to leverage XMReality Remote Guidance. Easily switch between different customers from your desk, helping many more customers by working remotely instead of physically traveling all the time.

A common challenge for support departments is when all the experts are dispatched and unavailable when a customer needs their help. If they use Remote Guidance, they will spend less time traveling and more time being available at the local company. Using XMReality Remote Guidance as part of your service process, you can inspect the situation before deciding whether you need to send an engineer. And if you need to send someone, help determine who is best suited for the mission with what tools and spares are required. This will ultimately help you improve your first-time fixed rate.

3. Provide instant support

The speed at which you can resolve a problem is critical; how they receive the support is not the focus. You can assist customers within minutes instead of hours or days by offering expert support remotely. Remote Guidance gives you the power to solve your customer's problems faster and more efficiently.

Further, increase your instant support by adding a Pointpad to your desktop guide station. The Pointpad will enable the Hands Overlay feature that has proven to be much more efficient and present when instructing someone on how to solve a specific task. It proves exceptionally useful when you need to show someone how to turn a screw, explain what cord goes where, or provide other instructions where complex technical support is needed rather than just telling them in words.

4. Create additional service offerings

Creating an offer around this type of solution can be very valuable. Customers’ problems will be solved faster while service costs will be lower, providing higher margin service contracts and happier customers.

Adding XMReality Remote guidance into your service offerings creates an additional channel to deliver support. Remote support will enable you to charge your customers for your value and service.

It will also help turn the mindset of a reactive service organization into one that values the knowledge they provide customers with. Many organizations offer free technical support over the phone or email. Remote support can enhance the handover from “free support” to “paid support” and help change the mindset of those working with support.

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