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Who can I call with XMReality?

You can call anyone! You can easily connect to people both within and outside your organization. First, create a call link and send it through SMS, email, or any other way you prefer. The recipient taps the link, and your call starts. The recipient does not need an account or any downloaded software. 

On what devices can I use the software?

XMReality works on any device, on your computer, phone, tablet, or smart glasses.
XMReality supports both Android and iPhone/iPad, as well as Mac, Windows, and Linux.

What about security?

All communication in an XMReality call is encrypted and no sensitive content is stored on our servers. Call content such as images and videos are stored locally on your device or in your company’s own cloud storage. XMReality is GDPR compliant and also ISO 27001 certified.

What makes XMReality unique?

XMReality is an advanced video solution providing visual guidance and support. A call is just one click away; no need for downloads or big implementation. You have several advanced collaboration features in a call, and all content after a call saves on your company’s cloud storage. You also have the augmented reality feature, hands overlay, where the expert can overlay information on the caller's video feed, making it easier to understand and resolve issues. After a call, you can download all content from a call in the content history, and share it with anyone, whenever you prefer.

What are the network requirements for XMReality to run on?

XMReality is designed from the ground up to provide a great quality of experience, no matter the connection. It automatically adjusts video quality and provide additional tools to perform remote guidance on really bad connections.

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