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Remote training

Boost internal knowledge transfer

Make it easy to transfer expertise, no matter where your employees are located. XMReality connects your people and gives them access to a vast knowledge network.

Empower your employees to learn more, with remote visual assistance

Learn more and faster

With virtual training, you can look over the shoulder of the expert to get hands-on experience remotely.

Increase efficiency

When unsure what to do, instantly connect with an expert who can guide you.

Store knowledge

Effortlessly capture the knowledge of your experts and make it available to the entire organization.

Let’s dig deeper into the ‘how’

remote training use case

Learn more and faster

We all know the concept of ‘learning by doing’ and that the fastest path to learning something is usually through practical experience. Using XMReality, your new employees can tag along with an expert, no matter the distance.

Schedule virtual training sessions where several junior employees can join a live call. The expert on-site can virtually demonstrate how to perform a task and use tools such as pointer, pause, and draw to highlight important details. 

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Increase efficiency

Your employees’ ability to correctly carry out their job will greatly impact your efficiency and productivity. When an employee is unsure how to carry out a task, they can instantly connect with an expert to get guidance with XMReality. This way, they carry out their job correctly and learn at the same time.

Inside a call, you can leverage your own customized step-by-step instructions. This makes it easy for employees to follow your pre-defined processes and ensures that no task is missed.

Store knowledge, book

Store knowledge

We help you capture institutional knowledge. Using XMReality, practical skills, and know-how that have previously been hard to document can now continuously be saved without any extra effort from your employees.

Each call with an expert can be recorded, and all documentation, such as snapshots and written notes, is automatically saved to a post-call report. This documentation can easily be saved to your OneDrive-account or uploaded to your internal knowledge base.

Key features and functions

Any device, zero downloads

Use any smartphone, tablet, computer or smart glasses. With no downloads and no sign-ups getting started is easy.

Group calls

Bring in up to 20 teammates and additional experts in any call. No need for them to have a license.

Schedule calls

Schedule calls in advance and send the invite to all attendees. Integrate with Outlook for a seamless experience.

Remote control

Experts control the entire call experience, making it easy for first-time users.

Hands overlay

Provide intuitive and precise instructions in real-time with your own hands using Augmented Reality.

Instruction sets

Perform tasks with consistency and guaranteed high quality with your own standard operating procedures.

PDF report

Get a complete PDF report at the end of the call containing all content such as images, notes and instructions.

Call history

All call content is saved when using our desktop apps so you always can retrieve past call data.

Cloud storage

Get full control over where your call content gets stored by using our enterprise cloud storage.

Take it for a spin

XMReality is one of those products that you need to experience yourself to understand its potential. Sign up for a 14-day free trial and try it in your daily operations. Getting started takes minutes, and you don't need to download any software; it's as simple as that.

Plug in with your favorite systems

With pre-built integrations, your workday becomes even easier. Schedule ahead of time, initiate calls, and access post-call documentation. All through easy-to-implement integrations.


Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive

Keep your snapshots and recordings secure with automatic cloud storage sync to OneDrive.

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Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

Create and send call links directly from your Teams chat or meeting.



Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook

Schedule in advance with a standard meeting invite in Outlook.



Custom API

Custom API

Build your own integration with our API or embeddable web app.

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Share live video with your hands free.

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Smart glasses are ideal in training scenarios when you want to ensure that people can follow your line of sight. Apart from making sure your views are aligned, they are a great option for longer calls when you need both hands free to work.

XMReality works on the market's most popular smart glasses models so you can pick the model that suits you best.


Certify employees for continuous learning

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In some of your processes, it’s crucial to make sure that your employees have the right knowledge and certification. With XMReality you can easily assemble workers, no matter their location, and conduct video education remotely.

Our predefined instructions in combination with smart documentation make it easy to provide employees with the right training and updated certification.