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Deliver outstanding service and support

Use XMReality to quickly diagnose, mitigate, and solve your customer's issues remotely for a more efficient support experience.

Reimagine your support model with remote visual assistance.

Instantly connect

Technicians can instantly connect with onsite personnel and solve problems without leaving their desks.

Repairs right the first time

No more guessing about what parts and tools to bring. Diagnose the problem remotely to arrive prepared.

Increase customer satisfaction

Digitalization that drives better and faster service and support will for sure boost customer satisfaction.

Lower your costs

Decrease travel time for operators and technicians, freeing time without compromising on service.

Next generation customer service

In a rapidly evolving packaging industry, staying ahead of the competition requires more than just quality products. It demands exceptional customer service. Don't let your customer support lag behind in this digital age. Embrace the future of customer service with remote visual assistance. Enhance customer satisfaction, increase operational efficiency, and gain a competitive edge. 

Use cases within packaging

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Remote customer support

When your customer is experiencing a stand-still due to malfunctioning product equipment or material, you, as a supplier, must assist them as quickly as possible. Every hour counts, but many times it’s a lengthy journey involved for your technical personnel to get to your customer.

With XMReality that is no longer an issue, your technical expert can instantly connect with an operator onsite that shares a live video feed to diagnose and potentially solve the problem. 

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Pre-installations and inspections

When you deliver new production equipment to your customer you want to ensure that the installation and commissioning of that new equipment is a smooth experience. 

With XMReality, you can connect with on-site personnel prior to the delivery to inspect the facility and ensure everything is ready for the equipment to arrive. Once delivered and assembled, you can remotely help with commissioning and check-ups to ensure the customer gets maximum performance from their new investment. 

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Remote expert assistance

Help your field technicians to be as efficient as possible by collaborating. With XMReality, a field technician who is on-site at a customer and runs into an issue can instantly connect with a colleague to get help and a second opinion.

Not only will you be able to solve more issues during the first visit, but you also empower your employees by effectively sharing knowledge and bridging skills-gaps. Perfect for junior technicians to quickly get up and running.

Zero downloads. Just one click.

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That's how easy it is for your customer to join an XMReality call. Once inside a call, the expert can easily control the entire experience and use verbal, written, and visual guiding tools.

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Let us show you how it works

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Let one of our product experts give you a product walk-through. Showing you why we describe XMReality as the 'easy' remote visual support tool. It's easy to use without compromising on functionality.