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Absortech's Leap Toward Enhanced Services and Sustainability

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In today's interconnected business world, goods travel worldwide before reaching their final destination, and safeguarding quality during transit is crucial. Absortech, a company at the forefront of moisture protection for shipping containers, helps companies ensure that their goods don’t suffer any moisture damage during shipping and transport. With a worldwide presence and a dedication to sustainability, Absortech sought a solution to elevate its service offerings while upholding its environmental principles. XMReality's remote support technology provided the perfect solution, bridging these objectives seamlessly.

Absortech's Pursuit of Operational Excellence

Absortech is an innovator in desiccant solutions to shield goods from moisture damage during shipping. It operates globally, with production in Europe and Asia. Joakim Carlsson, the COO, highlights the operational hurdles in ensuring superior moisture protection globally. 'Our solution is simple, yet implementing, monitoring, and verifying moisture levels in containers presents complexities,' he notes. That’s why Absortech, besides its portfolio of desiccant solutions, also offers various services to support its customers by ensuring the correct preventative moisture handling measures throughout their entire supply chain.

Two of these services are ‘AbsorTestTM’ and ‘AbsorAuditTM, which you can read about here. However, these services often require physical presence, resulting in extensive travel and a larger carbon footprint. Absortech, therefore, identified the opportunity to streamline these services by implementing XMReality.

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The Challenge: Boosting Global Support While Minimizing Environmental Impact

Absortech is committed to improving the environment within its sphere of influence, and sustainability permeates its entire business. Therefore, it explored alternatives to traveling and being on-site for part of its service offerings.

  • 'The logistics of coordinating container inspections and validations across different continents, not to mention the environmental and financial costs of such travel, prompted us to explore innovative solutions,' Joakim explains.

For example, before the introduction of XMReality, a person from Absortech would need to travel in order to carry out the service AbsorTestTM; that was the only way to carry out the service. Something that did not align with Absortech’s commitment to sustainable business practices.

XMReality’s Remote Assistance: Powering Innovation

XMReality's remote assistance technology emerged as an ideal option to reduce travel, enabling Absortech to transform its approach to service delivery. Instead of always having to send personnel to oversee the loading and unloading of containers, Absortech can now provide the same service remotely through XMReality. This technology enables instant visual communication between Absortech’s experts and their clients or local field personnel.

Absortech personnel still travel on-site for shorter trips related to their service delivery, but longer flights have to a large extent been replaced with XMReality calls. Joakim explains that some customers were hesitant at first about replacing physical visits. Absortech addressed this by setting up demonstration calls to showcase how the remote solution worked. These demonstrations reassured the customers of the maintained service efficiency and showcased additional advantages of a remote service approach.

Impressive Outcomes: Enhanced Efficiency, Cost Reduction, and Environmental Advantages

Implementing XMReality's solution generated immediate benefits for Absortech. Travel expenses dropped significantly, along with a notable reduction in the company's carbon footprint. Joakim explains that enabling remote delivery of ‘AbsorTestTM’ and ‘AbsorAuditTM’ has allowed them to provide these services to more customers than before since they previously were slightly restrictive with the services to keep down traveling. Being able to offer the services more broadly has also positively impacted sales by further strengthening their offering and competitiveness in the market.

This move towards remote service delivery has also expanded internal training opportunities by enabling staff members to participate in XMReality calls and observe real-life scenarios as they occur worldwide. Similarly, Absortech can invite customer representatives to join a call and follow the live service delivery, strengthening collaboration and generating new customer supply chain insights.

A Future Focused on Innovation and Sustainability

Reflecting on the partnership with XMReality, Joakim is optimistic about the future.

  • 'This technology has not only addressed our immediate needs but has also opened new avenues for service development and customer engagement.'

Absortech plans to expand its use of XMReality by continuing to explore new ways to integrate remote video into its service offerings and further strengthen its commitment to sustainability.

Absortech's experience with XMReality showcases the potential of remote video technology to make global business practices more efficient, sustainable, and customer-focused. Absortech and XMReality's journey exemplifies how technological innovation can enable companies to navigate the complexities of global operations without compromising environmental values.

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