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XMReality - A Product Overview

XMReality is an easy to use visual support solution built to help teams solve real-world problems remotely. Our unique solution connects people-to-problems instead of people-to-people. In this post you can read about our solution in general and which product plan that could potentially be the right one for your company to pick.


Why is XMReality Unique?

XMReality is an easy-to-use remote visual support tool built to help teams solve real-world problems remotely. Our visual assistance solution connects people-to-problems instead of people-to-people. XMReality is different from most video collaboration tools that you might be familiar with, our purpose is to help you solve issues easier and be more efficient as a company. We also pride ourselves on how simple and easy it is to get up and running with XMReality - we promise that you can start using it the same day you make your purchase! 

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How secure is XMReality?

XMReality is built from the ground up with security as a top priority to ensure that your data is safe. Our solution is End-to-End encrypted, offering secure connections to all of your remote video support sessions. If you want further insights on how our solution will process your data, you can read more in one of our other posts covering data security.

All you need to know about XMReality and Data Security


Understanding the different XMReality plans 

XMReality has three different plans for customers to choose between: Professional, Professional Plus and Enterprise. Below we highlight the major differences between the plans so you hopefully can see which one that would suit your company. But if you are unsure you can of course just ask us to help you find the right fit!

Professional & Professional Plus

Professional and Professional Plus are aimed for companies in need of a tool for visual remote assistance where the full scale solutions is not necessary. Here you have access to all in-call functionalities and you can use XMReality both from your PC and mobile phone - you also have unlimited number of calls.

Both Professional and Professional Plus can be purchased easily online with credit card and the payment is done upfront on a monthly basis. If you need help, you have access to our online knowledge base and email support. If you pick Professional Plus you are also welcome to give our support a call whenever you need.

With Professional Plus you will get some important admin functions compared to Professional. For example you can have more users in your account and assign them in different teams as well as follow up on statistics. If you plan to use XMReality with smart glasses Professional Plus includes support for this and you can also integrate with Teams.

Curious if you should use smart glasses with your visual assistance software? Read our post about when you should use smart glasses.


Enterprise is aimed at companies with higher demands on admin functions and surrounding services. The Enterprise plan enables advanced options such as integrations, company specific branding, and access to professional services such as project management, customized onboarding, and training.

If you are a large company planning to use the the software on several different sites we recommend that you choose Enterprise. With this plan you will get all admin functions you need as well as a dedicated customer support manager that will help your company with the implementation.

Enterprise requires customized quotes since we tailor the offer to fit your company. If this plan is of interest the best way to start is by booking a demo with our sales team

Feature Professional Professional Plus Enterprise
30-day trial X    
Users Up to 25  Unlimited Unlimited
Group call Up to 3 people  Up to 5 people  Up to 20 people 
Usage dashboard and statistics   X X
Branding     X
Smart glasses compatibility   X X
Pre-configured integrations   X X
API based integrations     X
Support Email Email & Phone Dedicated professional support


What are some key features?

Below are some of the features and functions we know our current users appreciate the most. Using our core set of features gives you the ability to leverage remote visual support in your day to day work, not only improving your company's efficiency, you also cut your environmental footprint by replacing physical travels with digital calls!

Platform Independent - Use any mobile device or computer with XMRealty Remote Guidance.

Drawing & Pointing - These easy to use features quickly enable people to pinpoint exactly where to focus when connected.


Support for Smart Glasses - Many scenarios require both of your hands to be free to work on issues. We have extensive Smart Glasses support allowing remote guidance in the most challenging situations.


Gestures/Hands Overlay - Virtually demonstrate and manipulate items with your hands during sessions. This provides a rich and intuitive experience making tricky situations easy to navigate.


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Call Links - Quickly connect and start your remote guidance with anyone immediately, no app needed. Just send a Call Link to someone and they can use our Remote Guidance in any browser


Call Link Q2


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