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Energy and Utilities

Maximize asset up-time

With XMReality you can minimize downtime and overcome geographical distance so your experts can be virtually anywhere.

When the unplanned happens, use remote visual assistance to be there.

Minimize downtime

Deliver higher availability for your assets by minimizing, or avoiding, unplanned stops.

Leverage your experts

Let experts assist at multiple locations without traveling. Turn centralized knowledge into a local tool.

Reduce CO2 emissions

Use your resources more efficiently and cut down on unnecessary travel and CO2 emissions.


Future-proof your business: optimize decentralized operations while caring for the environment.

Staying competitive is a must in today’s rapidly moving industrial landscape. You need all of your resources to perform at their best no matter where they are

With remote visual assistance from XMReality, distance is no longer a challenge. We help you cut down on downtime, travel, and carbon footprint.

Use cases within Energy and Utilities

Downtime, helmet, stop

Troubleshooting a stand-still

Every moment of an unplanned stand-still is a cost for your company. You want your Production Engineers to diagnose and fix the problem quickly. But what if they don’t have the knowledge required to do so and the person who does is not on-site?

With XMReality, that is not an issue since they can instantly connect with an expert and share a live video feed to diagnose and solve the problem. 

Solar panels, inspection

Regulatory inspections and audits

You have critical infrastructure that is vital to your operations and needs to work correctly, both for optimal performance, but also for the safety of your personnel. Inspections and audits are therefore central in your Quality and Engineering-processes, but they are time-consuming, involve a lot of travel, and can sometimes be in hazardous environments.

With XMReality, a local technician can instead connect with your central inspector or expert. Carry out the inspection remotely and get compliant and consistent documentation with just a click.

phone, mobile, support

Call center support

If you operate a call center that handles first-line support to your customers, you want to ensure great service while keeping down on-site visits. With XMReality, your call center support can instantly connect with the customer that calls in and use live video to first-hand diagnose the problem.

For simpler issues, the support agent can easily guide the customer to solve it himself. If the problem requires a technician, the support agent can collect all the information needed to correctly prioritize the ticket and bring the right equipment the first time.

Proven results within the industry

50 %

Reduced waiting time

180 %

More efficient technical support

25 %

issues solved fully remotely

At the forefront of digitalization with remote support

Service technician Tekniska verken webb 3 beskuren 2

Municipally owned Tekniska Verken carries out thousands of trouble shootings at the homes of their customers, assisting in checking water, heat, and electricity meters. To improve their business they started using XMReality, allowing for fast problem-solving without having to be on site.


Sometimes, it's better to not be there.

Worker, high heights, safety

High heights, tight crawl spaces, and other hazardous environments. Only people with the right training and experience should work in these settings. So what do you do when you need an external expert to look at something in a high-risk production environment? You let that expert remain at their desk and instead use XMReality to remotely connect with a worker who is used to navigating that hazardous environment.

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