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Industrial Manufacturing

Optimize production processes

With XMReality you can minimize production line downtime and leverage your most talented people no matter where they are.

Implement remote visual assistance and achieve impressive benefits

Minimize downtime

Generate top performance in your production line by minimizing, or avoiding, unplanned stops.

Leverage your experts

Make expert knowledge accessible to everyone. Turn centralized knowledge into a local tool.

Reduce your costs

Use your internal resources more efficiently and cut down on unnecessary travel.


Today’s innovations are tomorrow’s standards. Adapt to the new normal and stay ahead of the curve.

Staying competitive is a must in today’s rapidly moving industrial manufacturing industry. You need all of your resources, both machines and people, to perform at their best. 

With remote visual assistance from XMReality expertise is just one click away.

Use cases within manufacturing

Production lamps, stand-still

Troubleshooting a stand-still

Every moment of an unplanned stand-still is a cost for your company. You want your Production Engineers to diagnose and fix the problem as quickly as possible. But what if they don’t have the knowledge required to do so and the person who does is not on-site?

With XMReality that is not an issue since they can instantly connect with an expert and share a live video feed to diagnose and solve the problem. 

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Inspections and audits

Your production equipment is crucial to your operations. It needs to work correctly, both for optimal performance, but also for the safety of your personnel. Inspections and audits are therefore central in your Quality and Engineering-processes, but they are time-consuming and involve a lot of travel. 

With XMReality you can instead carry them out remotely and at the same time improve your documentation from each case. A win-win!

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Training and onboarding

Efficient training and onboarding of Technicians and Operators are vital for top performance. The faster you can get new employees to be self-sufficient the better, and nothing beats hands-on experience.

With XMReality you can provide that hands-on training in a virtual way. Let new employees virtually follow an experienced operator, or get instant video guidance from that expert when they need help.

Software you want to use.

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Intuitive and easy to use without compromising on function. XMReality is powerful enough to make remote problem solving faster than ever before, and still simple enough to have anyone in your organization use it. We provide you with personal service to make sure you achieve impressive results.

Want to find out your potential ROI?

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