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Ensure compliance throughout your operations

Leverage XMReality to continually enhance your processes and ensure ongoing compliance in your production.

Assist, monitor, and document from anywhere at any time

Minimize downtime

Maximize your production by minimizing, or avoiding, unplanned stops.

Reduce your costs

Use your resources more efficiently and reduce unnecessary travel, saving time and money.

Simplify compliance

Ensure that regulatory requirements are followed, and food safety risks are minimized.

Stay competitive with digital solutions

Embrace digital solutions to stay competitive in a rapidly evolving industry, adapt to changing consumer demands, and achieve higher levels of productivity and profitability. With remote visual assistance, distance is no longer a challenge. By staying connected you get efficient and effective collaboration, problem-solving, compliance management, and innovative support. With just one solution. 

Use cases within Food and Beverage

Food and beverage, technical support

Remote support and troubleshooting

When production is malfunctioning, you instantly want eyes on the problem. With XMReality, experts can remotely diagnose and troubleshoot production issues faced by your on-site personnel. They can guide the person on-site through complex procedures and maintenance tasks, minimizing downtime and reducing the need for physical presence. 

You can also instantly get support when unexpected compliance concerns arise. Employees can get guidance or clarification from experts or regulatory consultants through the remote platform, all while the entire call gets documented.

Beverage production, inspection and audit

Regulatory Inspections and Audits

Use remote inspections and audits to ensure compliance with regulatory standards with minimal effort. Inspectors can visually assess processes, equipment, and facilities, providing feedback and guidance to ensure quality and safety protocol adherence. All while remaining at their regular workplace.

With XMReality, you can get detailed records of remote inspections, audits, and interactions with regulatory authorities or consultants. You are always making it easy and efficient for your personnel to ensure compliance in your operations.

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Certification and training

Many companies today face the challenge of high turnover among personnel in combination with increasing skills gaps. Efficient training and onboarding of new employees in combination with continuous on-the-job learning, become key activities to stay competitive. 

With XMReality, you can easily connect your employees no matter where they are. Experts can remotely guide and mentor trainees, visually demonstrating procedures and addressing questions or concerns in real time. Conduct remote training and certification sessions, ensuring continuous learning and development.

Risk-free food in a high-risk world

Food and beverage, hygiene, compliance

Food safety is central in your production, and one of the biggest contamination risks is the people who work there. No matter how much thought you have put into different hygiene zones with strict requirements, there is always the human factor. One of the best ways to minimize this risk is to keep down the number of outside visitors in your production.

Use XMReality to turn physical visits into virtual ones and keep down the number of people and risks in your production. 

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