Code of Conduct


XMReality AB started by saving lives when the technology was used to support experts disarming landmines in the field. The fundamentals of the technology have since been further developed for applications in service, industry, helpdesk and many more. The core of being close to reality, providing expert assistance wherever it is needed, protecting the environment and respecting people’s capacity to do their work thus began with a critically important and extremely dangerous job.

The Code of Conduct is the foundation for how everyone at XMReality conforms to the company’s values and complies with laws, rules of business ethics, customer demands and external needs for green solutions to enable efficient problem-solving.

Human rights

  • XMReality respects and complies with the UN Declaration of Human Rights in every situation involving employees, partners, customers and stakeholders.


  • All employees shall have equal opportunities for personal and professional development regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or political views.
  • XMReality is committed to and striving for diversity to ensure a dynamic and creative working climate.
  • XMReality aspires to a good corporate culture that encourages a high level of employee engagement.
  • XMReality ensures compliance with applicable labor laws and regulations related to areas including employment contracts, working hours, age, etc.
  • XMReality endeavors to uphold a good, safe and sustainable work environment with a culture in which every individual is committed to preventing injuries and work-related illness. This includes complying with customers’ safety procedures when working on their sites.

Business ethics

  • XMReality has zero tolerance for corruption, unfair competition, conflicts of interest and bribery.
  • XMReality endeavors to provide transparent, honest and accurate information and communication to the company’s stakeholders.
  • XMReality complies with laws and regulations in the countries where it operates, including tax laws, environmental laws and labor laws.

Conflicts of interest

  • All employees (managers, coworkers and directors) have a duty to put the interests of the company first in all situations.
  • If an employee suspects they may have a conflict of interest concerning a matter, they must report it immediately to management/the chairman of the board. A decision may then be made that transfer of responsibility for that matter is necessary.

Company assets and information

  • All employees (managers, coworkers and directors) have a duty to put the interests of the company first in all situations.
  • The personal data of customers and employees is handled in compliance with GDPR.

Collaboration with partners and suppliers

  • XMReality has a responsible approach to partnership that includes scrutiny and verification of compliance with laws, regulations and sustainability aspects.
  • XMReality evaluates suppliers in accordance with the Code of Conduct, customer demands, laws and compliance.

Manager and employee responsibility

  • All employees (managers, coworkers and directors) are responsible for complying with and communicating the rights, responsibilities and standards described in the Code of Conduct.
  • Any suspicions of breach of the Code of Conduct must be immediately reported to management/the chairman of the board.