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In our blog we have collected information about everything from the basics of augmented reality to the 5 most common use cases of visual assistance tools. Enjoy! 

augmented reality

8 min to read

Connected field workers are revolutionizing the industry.

Today, many people automatically think of the Internet of...

augmented reality

6 min to read

Augmented Reality (AR) vs Virtual Reality (VR)

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are reality...

augmented reality

6 min to read

What is Industry 4.0 and what technologies are driving it?

Since the end of the 18th century, we've experienced...


12 min to read

XMReality - A Product Overview

XMReality is an easy-to-use visual support solution built...

product integrations

3 min to read

XMReality now available in Microsoft Teams

We are very happy to announce that XMReality Remote...

augmented reality

4 min to read

What is augmented reality and how can you use it?

Whether you are into catching Pokémons, putting Snapchat...

Creating a new service revenue

The idea that the pandemic has changed the way we use...

4 ways remote video support can increase revenue

Since the pandemic started, companies are opening up to...

XMReality’s hardware: the Pointpad for an enhanced Hands Overlay

The Pointpad enables the Hands Overlay feature from a...


9 min to read

Video calls and visual assistance calls - the pros and cons for each

Frequently we get the question, “Why do I need your remote...

Can smart glasses enhance your remote assistance experience?

Smart glasses are like wearable computers depending on the...

What are smart glasses and who should use them?

Let’s face it. Some jobs heavily depend on using your hands...

industry use case

7 min to read

How the food industry can turn a challenge into an opportunity

Increasing Covid-19 restrictions, an ever-stricter...

product data security

6 min to read

All you need to know about XMReality and data security

When using any communication service, you want to ensure...

product use case

8 min to read

How to evaluate XMReality through a pilot project

If your company is thinking about implementing a remote...

How to improve your operations to support a sustainable future

Did you know that 76 % of Americans expect companies to...

Key success factors for remote collaboration within technical projects

With remote work on the rise, the importance of...

6 use cases of a visual assistance tool

To help you identify how visual assistance support can...

industry use case

8 min to read

The new normal for for field service

Will businesses ‘go back to normal’ after the Corona...


4 min to read

Speaking the same language: globalization and the role of technology

Anyone involved in business over the last decade has...

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