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Creating a new service revenue

Creating a new service revenue

The idea that the pandemic has changed how we use digital products is no longer just an idea; it’s an important fact. The industries that have embraced this digitalization have blossomed. The organizations that ignored it have a hard time keeping up. Another change is that customers are now used to getting digital service and remote support rather than physical support. This article will provide information on how to offer modern and effective remote support. Not only will you save time for you and your customer, but remote support is also an excellent way to increase service revenue.


Using XMReality to create a new service revenue

The support side of industrial companies has historically been a reactive department. It hasn’t been highly prioritized, and many organizations have seen it as an annoyance, something you need to make customers happy and sell their core products.

But this perspective has changed, and the support department often has to present financial results. Traditionally, the support division has added to the overall revenue by selling spare parts and invoicing for the time it takes to send a support technician to solve a problem. The issue here is that the margins are low, and the costs are high. But regarding new digital solutions, much has happened this past year. Companies can now turn their customer support into additional service revenue.

Increased need for instant support from remote

Since the pandemic started, companies have been opening up to digital resolutions. The need for remote technical solutions is rising fast, and many companies are looking for ways to avoid time-consuming travel and possibilities to provide instant support. This opens a door for you to offer a new way to support your customer. And with that, a new way to increase your service revenue.

So how do companies get ahead of the game and increase the profits from the support side of the organization?

How do you package XMReality for maximum profits?

A common apprehension is that it’s difficult to put a price tag on remote support. Some companies also fear that their customers aren’t used to being served via an app and camera and would prefer to have a technician physically present when facing a problem that has to be solved.

Although this is still true for some companies, there has been a change in attitude toward digital solutions since the outbreak of Covid-19. The understanding and acceptance of companies not sending someone physically have risen, and people are even more apprehensive about letting outsiders into their factories.

Another major change is the realization that competitors are always evolving and trying new ways of working. Turning your back on the digitalization that is going on right now can have great consequences, and an investment in the right technology will propel you forward.

To help you visualize how you could package your solution, we have picked some examples based on our customers:

  • offer both on-site and remote support, but in different packages. Use different prices and the USP of getting the support faster with remote support to increase the value of a remote support package.
  • Offer free support via Remote Guidance during the Warranty Time to save costs and create a demand, then include it in the service contracts as a paid service. Onsite support cost extra. With this offer, you can charge more for your core product and increase the chance of the customer choosing the remote support offer.
  • Sell your remote support in packages with different hours of support included.
  • Offer Remote Guidance as a part of the service contract up to a certain number of hours. And offer emergency contracts for customers who need support but don’t have a service contract.
  • Output based: provide XMR in all service interventions and only charge for the one you solve. If not solved, you would still have the advantage of knowing what to expect when arriving and bringing the right tools and spares with you.

These are just a few examples of how you could package your remote support offering to increase your profits and enhance your portfolio of products. Effective digital technology as a customer support solution does not have to be complicated. It’s a smart investment to get ahead of your competition and increase your revenue.

What companies use XMReality to increase revenue?

Our customers deliver complex products or systems on a global market. We work with small & large packaging manufacturing firms, multinational brewing conglomerates, energy companies, and more. XMReality Remote Guidance can scale to fit any business that needs instant remote support.

Having expert support globally is a challenge, with companies traditionally sending technicians on long journeys to solve problems. XMReality Remote Guidance solves this logistical headache letting your experts work on-demand with remote support helping customers faster while increasing revenue.What makes a great pilot project?  We partnered with a global overhead crane company to assess the real-world  value of our remote visual assistance tool – and discovered what it takes to  get the very most out of a pilot project and all you need to know for a  successful implementation. Download our guide to get the full story. Download now