CEO's view on the new product capabilities.

XMReality has supplied remote visual assistance for over a decade to customers worldwide. 2022 has been a hectic year for the company's engineering team, pushing out more product updates than ever. Read our CEO's view of the new product capabilities, what drives them, and how it enables more use areas in the industrial supply chain, especially for procurement and subcontract management.

Jörgen Remmelg

Manage suppliers worldwide from your home base.

With remote visual assistance, the best subcontract managers can manage suppliers worldwide from their home base as if they were on-site for the buy-off or First Article Inspection.  Benefits are faster response and resolution time, reduced travel and less time spent, and consistency in performance and reporting. 

A remote visual assistance supplier follow-up through our Augmented Reality-based live video call, combined with instant and automatic documentation capabilities, keeps the supply base on its toes. Cost reductions, quality improvements, and on-time deliveries create extraordinary user value. Productivity and quality gains will be seen not only with the senior buyers, but also during the introduction of junior buyers. Any change from oversight strategy to insight strategy will be immediate through the short implementation time and ease of use the solution offer.


Subcontract management - A top priority

XMReality has supplied Remote Guidance, also called remote visual assistance, to industrial aftermarket support for almost a decade. Since we started in 2007, we've created value and more efficient working methods for hundreds of companies. Our product is used in industrial Manufacturing, Facility Management, Food and Beverage, Packaging, and the Energy sector. Typical use cases are Remote Troubleshooting, Technical Inspections, Remote Audits, Onboarding, Training, and Certifications.

The new world situation has challenged and disrupted the supply chain. Conditions are more demanding, with an aging workforce, travel costs increase, and raw material and parts obsolescence. This has made subcontract management a top priority. To maintain competitiveness, many enterprises need to put extraordinary efforts in place to keep their production lines running and prevent late deliveries and non-conformances from suppliers and subcontractors.

New product capabilities keep the production lines running.

At XMReality, we constantly evolve our offer based on our innovative customers and market needs. During 2022, we've worked hard to enable remote visual assistance in an earlier stage of the industrial supply chain.

Now, scheduling calls and inviting participants in advance makes it easy to use XMReality for planned activities. Planned activities are a way to ensure consistency and quality throughout your entire process. To mention some of the new features, you can schedule your activities and invite up to 20 call participants. You can utilize step-by-step instructions during the call, with either pre-defined or customized instructions. And you get an automated PDF report at the end of each call.

In a typical call scenario, the buyer sits behind a PC, and the supplier representative is on-site with a handheld phone or tablet. Only the buyer needs a license, as the supplier will receive a web link to click on through a text, email, or directly from Outlook. You can be everything from two to twenty people in a call. The buyer, or the remote subject matter expert, will follow the pre-defined steps and document actions during the call according to the instructions and make the final disposition. 

Improve quality and consistency through pre-defined procedures.

The solution XMReality provides has 25 pre-defined instruction sets, but you can also tailor your own to your organization's needs. The following basic pre-defined step-by-step procedures are available as standard:

  • Hardware Acceptance and Inspection
  • Consent to Ship
  • Receiving Inspection
  • Key or Mandatory Inspection Point (KIP/MIP)
  • Non-conformance Report (NCR)
  • Process Audit
  • Final Inspection
  • Compliance Audit
  • Supplier Audit
  • Safety Audit
  • Remote Gemba Walk

The procedures are easy to use and possible to adjust and refine. At the end of each call, PDF reporting is immediate and automatic to distribute internally and share with the supplier or subcontractor. This is a must-have!



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