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XMReality now integrated with Salesforce

XMReality Remote Guidance is now available in Salesforce, an integration making XMReality a natural part of our customers already established support processes. This enables service agents and field technicians working in Salesforce to quickly start a Remote Guidance call and solve customers' support requests faster. XMReality’s customers can now easily make Remote Guidance an integrated part of their existing workflows.

Latest news

XMReality's latest updates includes several new features and general updates:

  • Multiview:
    Turn your desktop into a powerful guide station by using this new feature available on the Windows client
  • Web Guide Station:
    Improvements to the browser based application makes it even easier to get started using the desktop
  • Salesforce integration:
    Service agents and field technicians working in Salesforce can now easily set up XMReality Remote Guidance calls with customers to solve their problems faster.
  • XMReality on HoloLens 2:
    XMReality is now supporting HoloLens 2, allowing us to be present on the user’s choice of device as well as extending and advancing our use cases
  • Teams integration:
    Share XMReality Call link within Microsoft Teams chat.
  • Show recording:
    Use guiding features on recordings when supporting your counterpart from your mobile application
  • Extended language support:
    Now includes 16 languages

NOTE: All of the features above are part of the Enterprise edition.

General information:

Web Guide Station
Improvements for Web Guide Station
Web Guide Station - a fully web based and zero install application for remote support - allows you to log into our solution using a web browser on your computer with no need to install anything.

Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS)
Federated login support improvements now enables the ability to log in to admin web portal using federated login.

Language support

Extended language support
XMReality's have extended the Language support within all Web clients and applications that simplifies the use of XMReality Remote Guidance. This will allow you to provide support by using the software within your preferred language.

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