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XMReality signs new deal with HIMA Americas

XMReality signs new deal with HIMA Americas

XMReality is excited to announce a new client deal with HIMA Americas, a leading provider of smart automated safety solutions for industrial applications. To further improve efficiency across its operations, HIMA Americas will implement XMReality Remote Guidance™ software, which allows for real-time collaboration and problem-solving, together with RealWear smart AR glasses.

HIMA Americas specializes in offering advanced automated safety solutions that protect the assets, people, and environment in complex industrial processes. By adopting XMReality Remote Guidance, HIMA aims to enhance the support for its internal teams and elevate customer service standards. The initial deployment will see HIMA using the software together with RealWear smart AR glasses, allowing users to conduct XMReality calls and receive guided assistance while keeping their hands free for various tasks.

"We are very happy to be selected by HIMA Americas and look forward to supporting them in their mission to provide top-notch safety solutions," said Ryne Simeone, Vice President of Business Development at XMReality Inc. "Our Remote Guidance software, combined with the capabilities of RealWear smart AR glasses, will enable HIMA’s teams to perform tasks more effectively and safely, enhancing overall productivity and customer satisfaction."

About HIMA Americas
HIMA Americas is a subsidiary of HIMA, the world's leading specialist for safety-related automation solutions. HIMA Americas provides automated smart safety solutions that help protect people, assets, and the environment in complex industrial processes. With a focus on innovation and reliability, HIMA serves various industries, including oil and gas, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and energy. For more information, visit: HIMA Americas.