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at anytime
from anywhere

Access to expertise is just one click away with XMReality.

An advanced video solution that lets you connect with anyone from anywhere.

Skip travel

Guide, inspect and assist – from thousands of miles away.

Save money

Don’t waste money on expensive flights and person-hours at the airport.

Solve faster

Provide support, expertise and visual instructions in real-time.

Proven customer results

95 %

Remote resolution success rate

300 %

More efficient technical support

60 %

Reduced resolution time

How it works


Create a link and send it to anyone you want to collaborate with. The call is initiated as soon as the person taps on the link. No download required.



When the call is connected, you see what that person sees.  You have several powerful guiding features in the call to help you collaborate and solve remotely. 



After each call, we automatically generate a PDF to ensure compliant documentation. You can also keep track of usage and value created for your business.


Zero downloads. Just one click.

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Take control of your time without leaving your desk. With just one click on a link, the software runs instantly in your browser – no downloads or installations are needed. Less friction, more time for collaboration.

Tech savvy? No need for that.

no need to be tech savvy

Powerful without being complicated – that’s our solution. Because no one wants complexity. You just want things to work.

One product. Any device.

We deliver the solution, you decide which device you want to run it on. Same experience, endless uses.


Use XMReality in your web browser or get our Windows or Mac app.


Use your iPad or Android tablet with our app.


Use your iPhone or Android phone with our app.

Smart glasses

Use our tailored smart glasses app on the AR glasses you prefer.