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XMReality signs framework agreement with Coor

XMReality signs framework agreement with Coor
Coor and XMReality have signed a framework agreement to deliver XMReality Remote Guidance. Coor is a leading provider of integrated Facility Management services in the Nordics. Coor Sweden has been a customer of XMReality since 2022 and has used the solution on the Swedish market. The new framework agreement is written with Coor Group, which covers all of Coor's units, and aims to make it easier to increase the use of XMReality for the entire Nordic region.

XMReality's software will become part of Coor's Smart Solutions concept in real estate that strives to create smarter and more sustainable facilities. With the help of XMReality, Coor can provide safer and more efficient service to its customers by diagnosing, inspecting, and guiding remotely with AR-enhanced video. Not only is service made more efficient, Coor also reduces its environmental impact with fewer trips for its technicians as more cases can be solved using video remotely.

"We are very pleased to further develop the business with Coor Group through this framework agreement. The agreement gives us the opportunity to support them more easily in scaling up their use, both in terms of finding more areas of use within the company and geographical expansion to other countries in the Nordics," says Andreas Jonsson, CEO at XMReality.

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