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XMReality expands to NIBE-owned KNV in Austria

XMReality expands to NIBE-owned KNV in Austria
KNV Energietechnik GmbH is located in Austria and has been part of NIBE Industrier AB since 2008. KNV is one of the leading players in the Austrian heat pump market, with more than 250 installation companies selling its environmentally friendly and efficient energy systems. KNV is now implementing XMReality Remote Guidance to enhance the efficiency of technicians and support even further.

KNV's business concept is to sell complete heating systems based on heat pumps through a well-trained installer network. They develop, produce, and sell environmentally friendly heat pumps and energy systems that save CO2, use less energy, and reduce the burden on the environment.

KNV intends to use XMReality Remote Guidance when a technician from their partner services needs help with an installation and externally for customer support and troubleshooting. By implementing XMReality, they aim to solve more cases remotely, improving response times while cutting down on travel which further strengthens their dedication to a sustainable future. Something that their parent company, NIBE, is already doing since their implementation of XMReality into their business in 2019.

About KNV Energietechnik GmbH 
KNV was founded in 1993 in Austria. In 2008, they merged with NIBE AB from Sweden, Europe's largest heat pump producer. KNV's wide product range includes geothermal, air source and hot water heat pumps, energy centers and storage, house ventilation, and state-of-the-art innovations. Today, more than 250 installation companies sell KNV's environmentally friendly, efficient energy systems. Read more at: