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XMReality adds secure enterprise cloud storage with industry first Microsoft OneDrive integration

XMReality adds secure enterprise cloud storage with industry first Microsoft OneDrive integration
Documentation created during XMReality Remote Guidance sessions is now automatically stored on customer's own enterprise cloud, for secure and easy access. Customers retain full control over their sensitive data, while users get seamless access to all content.

Documenting remote guidance sessions, such as support sessions or inspections, is important to spread knowledge and learn from past experiences. XMReality provides vast documentation capabilities, from capturing well-structured written notes, to one-click video recordings and instant visual snapshots. This makes it easy for users to capture all the information they need from a call.

Visual documentation, such as video recordings and snapshots, often contain sensitive customer information and intellectual property rights. Therefore, protecting visual information is crucial not only during a call, but also when it is stored after a call. To do this, XMReality now lets customers store documentation on their own enterprise OneDrive storage service. Storage which they own, operate and fully control. XMReality is the first company in the industry to offer customers the ability use their native cloud storage solution for increased security.

We took a very deliberate decision to let our customers use the enterprise cloud storage solution they already have, instead of providing a proprietary service. This ensures that our customers’ content is fully owned and controlled by them at all times.”, says Alexander Sandström, CTO at XMReality. “By providing a seamless user experience around the customer’s own cloud storage, we retain ease-of-use and give users access to their content, all while keeping data fully secure.” 

To start using cloud storage, customers simply enable Microsoft OneDrive for their organization, after which recordings and snapshots are automatically stored. Access and permissions, as well as file retention, is managed by the customer as part of their standard OneDrive configuration. This ensures that XMReality documentation always adheres to the customer’s IT security and data access policies.

Once enabled, all content can be easily accessed from within the XMReality desktop and web apps, and from any other app that supports Microsoft OneDrive, including Microsoft’s Windows File Explorer and Apple’s Finder.