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Toshiba America Business Solutions Streamlines Technical Support

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A need to reduce misinterpretations

Darryl Elmer, Technical Support Manager at TABS, identified improvement potential in first-time fix rates due to misinterpretation between TABS' In-Touch Centers (ITC) agents and field technicians. In many cases, the ITC agent and the field technician thought they had the same understanding of a problem, only to realize after a lengthy discussion or on a follow-up escalation call, that there was a misinterpretation of the issue by both parties. Darryl saw the need to improve the agents' visibility of a problem and streamline their troubleshooting workflow.

XMReality's Remote Visual Assist Platform enables TABS to optimize its technical troubleshooting and improve customer service. Using XMReality, TABS ITC, regional Specialists, and the Advanced Technical Services Group (ATSG) can troubleshoot in real-time through a video feed shared with the onsite personnel, and accurately guide the technicians through the problem-resolution process.

- The biggest benefit to me is simply being able to see the problem that the tech is describing. Basically, a picture or video is worth a thousand words.

Regional Specialist at TABS using XMReality

Significant improvements in first-time fix rates

TABS' use of XMReality software has positively impacted first-time fix rates for ITC personnel. Darryl also implemented XMReality for TABS' Regional Specialists, who frequently traveled to be on-site to troubleshoot complex issues. By using XMReality, a Specialist can now resolve problems remotely, allowing TABS to provide sustainable and cost-efficient customer support.

- When describing to the technician, this is almost as good as standing beside them troubleshooting. It encourages the technician to follow the steps you are suggesting

Regional Specialist at TABS using XMReality

Positive ROI within six months

Within six months, the cost of adding XMReality into TABS' toolbox has been recovered by reduced operational costs. Darryl initially planned to deploy XMReality to the ITC agents and ATSG. However, TABS quickly expanded the use of XMReality remote visual assistance software to their regional Specialists who work directly with the dealers. The improved service has led to technicians proactively requesting to use "the [XMReality] video tool" when contacting ITC, showing that XMReality software has become a valuable and essential tool in TABS' toolbox.

Jeff Smith, Manager ATSG Senior Technical Specialist, who has led the implementation of XMReality, concludes that the tool is very much appreciated, especially by ITC technicians who spend a large part of their day supporting field technicians over the phone. Using XMReality has made it much easier to grasp the issue quickly and helps overcome language barriers using visual cues. Jeff points out that the ease of use of XMReality has been imperative for a successful rollout.

- I come back to the ease of use. If it wasn’t easy to use they [the agents] wouldn’t use it. That makes it so easy!

Jeff Smith, Senior Technical Specialist

Documentation capability during a call

Another benefit of XMReality for TABS is the documentation capability during a call. By recording troubleshooting of issues, TABS can recreate the entire scenario in their central lab for further investigation. The comprehensive documentation available after an XMReality call and the recreated scenario are shared with their Japanese headquarters research team for further investigation and global collaboration.

It also allows the call to be documented in real time, reducing the field technician's administrative workload by eliminating the need to compile reports after the service call for transmission back to the support center.


XMReality has been a valuable tool for TABS in improving its technical support. The software has helped to reduce response times, improve first-time fix rates, minimize miscommunication, and save money. TABS is confident that XMReality will continue to play a critical role in its technical support strategy for years to come.

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Toshiba America Business Solutions (TABS) empowers its clients with personalized print & digital services and solutions to seamlessly create and integrate information to optimize productivity and communication. When TABS saw an opportunity to improve visibility and efficiency for their technical support team, they partnered with XMReality to accomplish the goal. Within six months of using XMReality software, TABS reduced response times, improved first-time fix rates, and minimized miscommunication. An important financial benefit from implementing XMReality software has come from reduced technician travel which has created a cost savings of over $5,000 per month.