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Electrolux Professional's branded service Two Pairs of Eyes

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Closer and contactless might seem contradictory, but not if you ask Electrolux Professional. They provide their customers with a seamless connection between their Service Engineers and Electrolux Professional technical experts through their remote contactless service ‘Two Pairs of Eyes’, making it easier than ever before for customers to get assistance.

What is Two Pairs of Eyes?

Two Pairs of Eyes is a part of Electrolux Professional’s customer care services. The purpose is to help customers faster when something goes wrong, for example, when a machine displays an error code, is not functioning correctly, or is simply not starting. Instead of having to go through the process of placing a service call, making an appointment, waiting for a technician to be dispatched and travel to the site, the customer can instantly get connected with an expert through ‘Two Pairs of Eyes’.

The service Two Pairs of Eyes is based on remote guidance and provides an additional pair of eyes besides the service provider’s pair. An expert from Electrolux Professional’s Technical Support team guides the service provider through a joint video stream to identify what is causing the problem. Depending on the problem, the expert can guide the service provider to resolve it themselves by following step-by-step instructions during the call. In other cases, they jointly identify the spare parts needed to resolve the issue and Electrolux Professional can dispatch a technician with full knowledge of the issue and equipped with the right tools and spare parts to solve the problem during their first visit.

Two Pairs of Eyes enables Electrolux Professional to be wherever their customers are. Their way of rethinking service and maintenance operations helps their customers reduce downtime and increase productivity - all in a sustainable way.

electrolux professional 2PoE

Branded services powered by XMReality

Two Pairs of Eyes is a service offering based on software provided by XMReality. Here Electrolux Professional has utilized the full potential of add-on branding functions to align the service with their brand. That way, customers always feel full trust that they are interacting with a certified Electrolux Professional expert. 

Branding the service has been one important success factor in introducing Two Pairs of Eyes to Electrolux Professional’s customers. But just as important has been the ease of use. With XMReality, the Technical Support team can connect with anyone by sending a link to their phone. No need to download any software or create user accounts for the person being guided. Powered by XMReality Remote Guidance, Electrolux Professional can connect with anyone, providing instant support and a great customer experience.

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About Electrolux Professional

Electrolux Professional is a trusted partner for companies in the Food, Beverage, and Laundry market. They offer solutions and services for commercial kitchen equipment, beverage solutions, and commercial laundry facilities, with a continuous focus on sustainability and making work easy and efficient.

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