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Coesia provide technical support

Coesia is a group of 21 packaging and industrial companies operating globally, driven by a core philosophy of constant innovation. With over 9,000 employees worldwide, they always strive to offer better, more efficient customer service through advanced technological solutions. Coesia has its own branded version of XMReality, Coesia Remote assistance.


Proactive work and efficiency

“The labor shortage hits our customers especially hard when it comes to sourcing the skilled technicians necessary to keep automated systems running at peak efficiency,” says Travis Younger, director of customer service for R.A Jones, a Coesia Company. “Our Remote Assistance is a cost-effective way to extend the capability of in-house maintenance personnel and deliver essential service results, like faster diagnosis, troubleshooting and resolution, and reduced service cost.”

New call-to-action

Coesia Customer Service Director, Alfonso Castaneda, says, “We spend over hundred thousand hours travelling. What we want to do is to convert some of those hours into proactive work. Solve problems at the customer’s before they actually happens, be available to support other technicians in other parts of the world and Transfer knowledge.

Watch the video to see how XMReality helps Coesia reduce downtime, waste, and costs while deploying industry-leading expertise where and when needed.


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