Field Service Connect 2023

  • 19-20 June, 2023
  • London, England
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With the rapid acceleration of service digitization and the ever-increasing expectations of customers, it has become crucial to revolutionize field service operations from reactive to proactive, delivering immense value to businesses and their clientele.

Once again, we are thrilled to be exhibiting at Field Service Connect in London, where we will proudly showcase our cutting-edge solution and highlight its paramount significance to the industry.


Some of the topics that will be discussed during the event:  

  • Transitioning from a reactive to a proactive service delivery model to better meet evolving customer expectations
  • Adapting your value proposition and launching new offerings to monetize your field service operations
  • Automating your end-to-end service delivery workflow to reduce unnecessary callouts and drive efficiencies
  • Building a field and remote team of the future that bridges the gap between your aging workforce and new diverse talent


Meet us in London

Kiran Narra

VP of Enterprise Sales

Andreas Jonsson

Chief Executive Officer

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