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IFS Ultimo

Your Solution for Better Asset Management

IFS Ultimo is an Enterprise Asset Management solution that focuses on maintenance and safety, offering quick value. It acts as a bridge between Maintenance, Operations, and HSE departments, making teamwork smooth. Known for its quick setup, user-friendly design, and easy integrations, IFS Ultimo combines industry solutions with flexibility, following a true SaaS approach. This advanced solution helps asset-heavy industries improve teamwork, boost productivity, keep assets available, cut costs, support sustainability, and ensure safety. Used by over 2200 companies globally, IFS Ultimo redefines asset management standards.

XMReality & IFS Ultimo accelerate how maintenance jobs are executed

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IFS Ultimo's cloud platform empowers technical services to boost asset availability and enhance labor productivity. On the other hand, XMReality who is committed to streamlining global knowledge transfer with its remote support solution, enabling instructors and operators to view a colleague's on-site perspective. Through collaboration, these two companies expedite the execution of maintenance tasks. Integrating IFS Ultimo and XMReality makes carrying out work orders from IFS Ultimo even more seamless. This integration optimizes communication and refines the efficiency of maintenance processes for customers. The partnership enhances and streamlines the execution of on-site tasks, resulting in cost savings and reduced environmental impact, achieved by expediting problem-solving and minimizing travel requirements.

Pain points addressed by IFS Ultimo:

Management of unpredictable costs

Reduction of unplanned downtime

Informed decision-making facilitated by data availability

Cost-effective alternative to expensive EAM software, avoiding issues of poor user adoption and lengthy implementation times

Resolution of resource and knowledge challenges associated with an aging workforce

Enhanced visibility into asset health and improved communication among departments

XMReality makes remote field support easy, with no need to have experts physically visit the site. This saves time for asset-intensive companies with a large mobile workforce.

Patrick Beekman Partner Solutions Manager at IFS Ultimo

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Kiran Narra

Kiran Narra, VP of Enterprise Sales, is our primary contact for the partnership with IFS Ultimo. She can answer all your questions about the XMReality remote assistance platform and the integration into IFS Ultimo workflows. Feel free to contact her directly or book a meeting via the link.