Whitepaper: What makes a great pilot?

We partnered with a global overhead crane company to assess the real-world value of our remote visual assistance tool – and discovered what it takes to get the very most out of a pilot project.

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A summary of the study

In 2020, we started a 3-month pilot project with a leading player in the overhead crane industry. After a highly competitive review process, XMReality was chosen to run a proof-of-concept project in one of their divisions to assess what value remote guidance could bring to their industry.

The purpose was to gain a profound understanding of their day-to-day business - their pain points and challenges. We wanted to understand exactly which problems they needed to solve and how remote guidance could help. The main area of focus was troubleshooting - as a global operator with a geographically diverse workforce, it was crucial that the client could access their deep knowledge pool of expertise and apply it globally.


Connecting colleagues through Remote Guidance resulted in the following proven benefits for the overhead crane company:

  • Improved first-time fix rate 
  • Increased knowledge transfer 
  • Quicker problem resolution 
  • Improved quality control
  • Reduced travel

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