AR video compared to regular video

In this extensive study made in 2018, over 200 people helped us assemble a 3D wooden puzzle. Half of them used Skype, and the other half used the XMRealitys solution. None were experts, yet the increase in speed and accuracy they achieved using AR remote assistance was significant!

How much would one of your more experienced field technicians boost their performance using the same tool? Read the results—and decide for yourself!

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What you can expect from reading our study

Augmented reality in reality

We let the findings speak for themselves: 

  • 84 % prefer XMReality remote guidance to a standard video call.
  • Problem-solving is 32 % faster with XMReality than a standard video call.
  • 50 % fewer errors occurred when using XMReality than a standard video call.
  • Users perceived XMReality as more efficient than a standard video call.

The study has been updated in 2023 with new statistics from research.