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Simplify customer support with video guidance

Imagine seeing what your customers see when they call your support team.
How much easier would it be to collaborate?

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game-changing customer support software

A new support experience

Support from your desk

Maximize the potential of your support team with remote video assistance from XMReality. With XMReality, you avoid time-consuming miscommunication by sharing your customers' view of the problem.

Boost first-line support

Make troubleshooting easier than ever before by seeing what your customer is seeing - as if being by their side.

Power up the efficiency

With great insights from first-line support, your techs can spend less time on problems and more time on solutions.

Delight your customers

Who doesn't love a quick resolution to their issue? Especially if it's solved over the phone!

How it works


Create a link and send it to the customer that needs support. The call is initiated as soon as the person taps on the link on their phone. No download or account creation is required.



When the call is connected, you see what that person sees in a shared video stream. You have several powerful guiding features in the call to help you troubleshoot and guide remotely.

01 Collaborate


After each call, we automatically generate a PDF where all snapshots and notes are saved. Ensuring easy documentation of the call that is ready to be shared.

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01 Collaborate
03 Review and share documentation - new

How video support can boost your results:

200 %

More support tickets solved per technician

50 %

Reduction in customer waiting time

26 %

Support tickets solved remotely

Last winter, one of our service technicians was able to help 14 customers with troubleshooting during one weekend. Without XMReality, we wouldn’t have been able to solve all these cases during one weekend with only one technician.

Anette Nilsson Business unit manager, Tekniska Verken

The biggest benefit to me is simply being able to see the problem that the tech is describing. Basically, a picture or video is worth a thousand words.

Regional Specialist Toshiba America Business Solutions

The most important thing for our own customers is that their problems get solved as quickly as possible, and XMReality has helped us to do that better. We haven’t yet run into a customer who doesn’t want to use it.

Joris Van De Walle Service responsible for EMEA, Esko

It's easy to get started

We keep things simple. Remote video support from XMReality is powerful, without the complicated. 

No big implementation project

The software is ready to use immediately upon purchase. No technical implementation is required, simply log in through your browser and begin making calls.

Works on your existing devices

Your support team can run our software straight from their computer and connect with any customer who has a smartphone with an internet connection.

Easy for you and your customers

Connect with customers by just sending a link with an SMS or in a chat. They click the link and the call is started, providing a smooth support experience.

Showing is better than telling

Start a 14-day free trial of XMReality, no strings attached. You'll be ready to make your first call straight from your desk within five minutes of signing up. That's how easy it is.