Björn Persson

Chairman of the board

More about Björn

Born 1975. Chairman of the Board since 2020
Before that Director between 2014-2018 and 2019.

Holdings in XMReality:

4 105 958 shares and 160 000 warrants held through Klösen AB, a wholly owned company, and privately.

Education and experience:

Björn Persson has an MSc in Industrial Industrial Engineering and Management from Linköping University. He is currently Head of Finance & Business Operations at LRF. Previously, he served as an investment manager at Investment AB Spiltan and before that as CEO of Invest Östra Mellansverige AB. As an investor and company director, Björn has wide-ranging experience working with Swedish SaaS companies that are establishing multinational operations, with a particular focus on the US. He has an international network of investors and companies working in the B2B SaaS segment.


Björn Persson is independent in relation to the Company and the company management but not in relation to the Company's major shareholders.