Anders Ferntoft

Member of the board

More about Anders

Born 1960. Member of the Board since 2014

Holdings in XMReality:

304,154 shares held through A Ferntoft Consulting AB, a wholly owned company and 80,000 warrants.

Education and experience:

Anders Ferntoft has a licentiate degree in economics and an MSc in Industrial Engineering and Management from Linköping University. He is currently business coach at the LEAD start-up incubator and provides consultancy services to small and growing tech companies in the areas of business development, management, and corporate governance. Anders also served previously as business development manager at Agama Technologies AB and as CEO of Anelda AB. He has previously worked for XMReality as a business development consultant.


Anders Ferntoft is independent in relation to the Company's major shareholders, the Company and the company management.