Future Tech WorX

14 -15th of June 2022

Future Technologies, FTWorX – A GBR Community Meeting is taking place in Berlin, Germany the 14th and 15th of June 2022. This closed-door gathering of senior executives is a truly unparalleled opportunity to share meaningful and honest dialogue in a media-free environment.

The fair will be focusing on the various elements fuelling innovation in the competitive world of manufacturing. Senior executives everywhere are witnessing an ever-increasing fusion of digital, physical and sustainability compliances and environments – whilst negating downtime and hitting production KPIs. Once considered exclusive to software and entertainment, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Digitization and Customer Centricity have now penetrated nearly everything industrial landscape globally.

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About XMReality Remote Guidance™

XMReality Remote Guidance is an AR-enabled knowledge sharing tool that lets you communicate with gestures, speech, chat and pointers with someone in a completely different location.

With Remote Guidance you can:

Connect quickly & easily using call-links
Regardless of whether the recipient receives the link via email, SMS, or some other means, they simply open it in their browser, and click “Start Remote Guidance” to call you directly. They don’t need to install the app and you don’t have to set up a user account for them.
Use a unique Hands-Overlay technology
Integrate through APIs

Contact us if you want to learn more about how XMReality Remote Guidance™ can help you.

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