Filip Micklin

Application Specialist

More about Filip

Filip works as an Application Specialist here at XMReality. As a member of the Customer Experience team he takes care of our customers and help them become successful.

— What are your responsibilities at work?

Being a part of the CX team at XMReality means being involved in many parts of our organization, including technical support and working closely with our engineering team on product-related topics, among with customer requests, managing dialogs with smart glasses partners, and training and onboarding new customers. I also collaborate with our sales managers to ensure the customers get the expected value from XMReality.
So I do a little bit of everything, but it is all done with the main purpose and objective of making our customers successful with our software.

— What makes you motivated?

I enjoy helping customers implement digital tools and technologies that will help them work smarter and more efficiently and make life easier and more fun for the users.

— Favorite outside work?

I enjoy the combination of great food paired with the right wine. That’s one of the reasons I like going to restaurants and hosting dinners and parties at home. I enjoy the craftsmanship behind a tasty beer or an exciting cocktail and being able to experiment with flavors to create something to enjoy in good company with friends. I also enjoy working with my hands, building things, and renovating homes and furniture.
I also like being outdoors, hiking, skiing, sailing, and playing golf.