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XMReality on Pepperl & Fuchs' Visor-Ex01

Visor-Ex's technology enables handsfree operation in situations where both hands are needed to perform a task. Digital documents are projected directly to the field of view. Mobile workers are fully connected to the enterprise even while at remote locations. Troubleshooting becomes teamwork and information is available whenever it is needed.


website 2023 Visor-Ex® 01
  • Based on Iristick H1 but owned and sold by Pepperl+Fuchs
  • Industrial grade suitable for hazardous environments
  • Connect to ecom phone
  • ATEX and IECEx certified

More to know about Visor-Ex

With Visor-Ex® 01, service technicians enter a new on-site work and training world. They can connect anytime to expert support and have immediate access to all relevant iformation.

Both hands remain free for the work that needs to be done, while digital documents are displayed for reference and consultation.

At the same time, the technician is never left on his own and able to contact experts for audiovisual interaction anywhere and anytime. All this is accomplished by these ergonomically designed smart glasses based on well-established technologies.