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XMReality for Iristick

Iristicks mission is to design, manufacture and implement industrial-grade smart glasses for various industrial and professional purposes. XMReality supports several models of their AR Smart Glasses, and they are purchasable from XMReality when you buy the software. Today three models of Iristicks AR smart glasses are compatible with XMReality; Iristick.G2, Iristick.H1, and Visitor-Ex by Pepperl+Fuchs.

  • Phone tethered i.e., Glasses are connected to your phone
  • Leverage processing power from your phone and mobile networks
  • Have the user interface on your phone and downloaded applications
  • Touchpad for lighter interactions (accept the call, start flashlight etc)

Iristick G2

  • Safety certified
  • Worn like glasses
  • Only for right eye dominance

Full product specification on Iristick's website->


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More to know about Iristick

Iristick G2 are the AR smart glasses that are most similar to regular glasses when it comes to design. They still have a separate heads up display and the lenses can therefore be swapped out to corrective lenses. Iristick also have a collaboration with Pepperl+Fuchs that has resulted in the Visor-Ex glasses. They are specifically designed to be used in hazardous environments and are therefore an option to RealWear's HMT-1Z1.